Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Bad Joke That Is The Sun Brodband

First, I subscribed to Smart broadband. It was painfully slow. I switched to Globe. It was fast. I should have been satisfied but each time it goes down, the downtime period can take weeks which is unacceptable if you depend on the internet to get your job done. I switched to Sun broadband after I heard  them claim on their ad on TV that their service is fast and reliable. Damn! If I go by Sun’s definition of fast and reliable then this world is doomed. Give me all the bad adjectives you could think of and that is just how I would describe their services. It gets disconnected every after few minutes.  The longest I can stay online without getting interrupted is 15 minutes. That should put them on the Guinness book of records. When you succeed in getting reconnected you land back on Sun's web page not on the page you were working on when you got disconnected. Very clever of Sun but no thanks that pisses me all the more.  Now! Don’t ever ask me if I ever complained. After all my "complaining" experiences, I could now write a book on “How to Master the Art of Complaining and Still Not Get Results” (Hmm! Good idea! That could easily climb on top of a bestseller list).  And please, don’t come telling me of glowing testimonials on how excellent the Sun broadband services is or I will send my the devil running after you.